Dominion Property Group

Specialist Services

DPG provides specialist planning and property services across the following key Market Sectors:

  • Advisory;
  • Property;
  • Planning; and
  • Environment.


“We pride ourselves on our ability to provide informed strategic thinking and advice.  Our approach is built upon achieving results that add value to our clients’ bottom line.  It’s about getting to yes”.

Project Co-Ordination:

We will assist you from project inception through to completion, building bespoke teams of specialists designed to meet the specific needs of any project.

Strategic Thinking / Problem Solving:

We work with our clients to interrogate opportunities and in-turn provide sound strategic thinking which adds tangible commercial value to their assets.

Government Liaison:

Maintaining an extensive and highly evolved network of government and agency contacts ensures that we are well placed to engage with key decision makers in a timely and cost effective manner.


“A core strength of DPG is our ability to engage seamlessly with projects at any point within the development cycle so as to drive key outcomes and add value to our clients’ projects”.

Site Identification:

A key aspect of the development equation is the ability to engage early on with land development opportunities so as to enable clients to achieve maximum uplift and sound commercial returns.  These inputs include the assessment of existing residential, industrial and commercial opportunities for additional value adding, in addition to the conversion of existing sites to higher value activities.

Transaction Management:

We have a successful track record in the identification and assessment of key development sites and major englobo landholdings across each of Melbourne’s key Growth Corridors. 

Acquisition and Compensation:

We have extensive experience in facilitating land acquisition and compensation matters on behalf of a range of government and private clients. This has included the presentation of Expert Evidence at the Supreme Court of Victoria.


“DPG have consistently applied their detailed knowledge of the rezoning and approvals process to an extensive range of projects”.

Development Approval:

We facilitate positive planning outcomes based upon a sound understanding of the relevant statutory and strategic planning issues applicable to each opportunity.  Linked to this are our established relationships with approvals agencies which facilitate rapid information transfer and timely decision making.

Precinct Structure Planning:

Significant development opportunities consistently require a robust understanding of the opportunities and constraints that are contained not only within, but surrounding the site.  At DPG, we appreciate the integrated nature of land development and the benefits of undertaking a considered structure planning process that results in optimal client results.


Our approach to rezoning is based upon the preparation of robust and defendable submissions which are supported by sound policy and legislative rigour.  DPG can prepare the necessary documentation whilst ensuring that all relevant approvals agencies remain fully informed of the status of the amendment request through to approval.


“Our approach involves engagement with all relevant government agencies whereby we consider infrastructure capacity, location, type and cost within the context of environmental and physical constraints”.

Environment Effects Statements:

Major infrastructure projects often require complex state based approval regimes to be negotiated prior to construction being able to commence.  We have significant experience in facilitating, positioning and delivering major environmental approvals of behalf of a range of state government infrastructure agencies.

Environmental Impact Assessments:

Our approach to environmental assessment ensures that an appropriate balance is achieved on behalf of all stakeholders.  We assist clients to manage the often competing demands of a range of stakeholder interests so as to deliver superior project outcomes.